Healthy Snacks on the Go!

We’ve all been there when the hunger starts to set in.  Maybe we are traveling 10 hours to the beach or sitting at a birthday party that is only serving pizza and cake.  We want those hunger pains to go away immediately so we try to figure out the quickest solution which usually ends up going through the drive thru for a burger and fries on the way to the beach or going ahead and indulging in pizza and cake.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with these things, there are ways we can curb the hunger pains to keep us from overindulging in not so healthy food items.

Check out my favorite tips to help you with those hunger pains and what type of healthy snacks you can pack when you are traveling, going to a party, or maybe just running simple errands!


·        Keep a small package of nuts and a fruit bar in your purse

·        Pack a small cooler and ice pack

·        Get portion zip lock baggies to portion out snacks

·        Get small containers to portion out food

·        Always take a bottle of water with you wherever you go

·        If you aren’t able to pack anything, larger gas stations tend to have more healthier snack options


Non-perishable snack ideas:

·       Mixed nuts/seeds (100 calorie packs or portion out own)

·       Roasted chickpeas (store bought or homemade)

·       Roasted edamame

·       Dried Fruit (apples, that’s it bars, banana chips, strawberries, etc)

·       KIND Bars

·       Popcorn (no butter/salt)

·        Applesauce pouches

·        Fruit cups (no sugar added or in own juice)

·       1/2 whole wheat PB and J sandwich

Perishable – Pack a small cooler:

·       Cheese sticks

·       Celery/carrots/bell peppers/mini cucumbers/snap peas with choice of low fat ranch or hummus

·        Chicken or tuna salad with whole wheat crackers

·       Hard boiled eggs

·       1/2 whole wheat cold cut sandwich (choice of toppings)

·        Yogurt cup

·       Cut up fruit (berries/melons)

·       Cold fruit cups

·       Cottage cheese cups


It is always a good idea to make sure you are drinking your daily recommended fluid intake to stay hydrated.  Sometimes when we will those hunger pains, it is because we might be a tad dehydrated. A good way to tell how much fluid you need is to take half of your body weight and divide by 2.  This will tell you how many fluid ounces you need daily.  Example:  150#/2 = 75 oz. or ~2250 ml or ~9 8 oz. cups per day. 

Leave a comment below with your favorite to go snacks!


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